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Locker Rentals

The rental cost for a locker is $5.00. Lockers may be rented throughout the school year at school or on the Online School Store. All lockers are equipped with a Master Lock combination lock. If a lock is lost, there will be a $5.00 replacement fee.

Lockers that are purchased before the first day of school will be assigned when purchased; however, students will not receive the locker information until the first week of school.

For more information, contact Mrs. Davis at (386) 822-5678 or by email at

504/PST Contacts

504/PST - Joe Mercier

504/PST - ​Edward Weston

504/PST - Natasha Horne

504 - Brian Goddard​


Surveys are a means to systematically engage all our stakeholders in two-way communication. They provide school leaders and teachers a lens into the thinking and perceptions of our stakeholders. Careful analysis of the results helps us to understand our areas of strength and effectiveness, as well as those areas that might need improvement. These survey results will enable our school leaders to measure stakeholders' attitudes and help target improvement strategies focused on student achievement, as well as school and district effectiveness. Taking the survey will also provide a means for stakeholders to learn about what parents and students should be looking for in a high-quality school system.  Your cooperation and support in completing the surveys will be greatly appreciated.  


We have different tutoring opportunities for your student(s) for Language Arts and Reading (6-8th grades), Social Studies (6-7th grades), Science (6-8th grades) and Math (6-8th grades) with a certified teacher or Academic Coach. Please choose the best option for your family below:

  • Tutoring Before School (8:15-9:15am)
  • Virtual Tutoring (Evenings or Weekends on Teams)
  • Saturday Bootcamp (9am-Noon, one time per month) ​

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Langenbach or Ms. Rainge:   Mrs. Langenbach  Ms. Rainge

Please provide your best contact information (e-mail and/or phone), your student's first and last name, alpha code and the subject for tutoring in which you would like your child to participate.

Thank you! ​

​1 TO 1 Student Technology Initiative

Volusia County School District’s vision is to ensure that all students receive a superior 21st century education. The district’s first major step in that process is to provide all students with a personal electronic device. Technology within education should have one basic goal: to enhance and positively support the learning environment. Increasing access to technology is essential for our students' future. Please read our Technology Resources for more information about the 1 to 1 technology program.

Electronic Devices Policy

Deland Middle School is a BYOT school and teachers have the discretion to allow students to use cell phones/electronic devices for academic purposes as part of an instructional lesson.  

♦ A student is allowed to have a cell phone in his/her possession on campus. 

♦ Students may use cell phones/electronic devices in common areas before school, during lunch (unless otherwise noted by administration) and after school hours. Students may also use cell phones during transition times for the purpose of listening to music with ONE earbud inserted.  No recording of any type (this includes, but is not limited to, use of video recording, all social media, microphone or any other usage).  If a student is seen using their phone for recording purposes, the student will be reported, and their phone will be confiscated by school officials.  

♦ Students will turn off and store electronic out of sight, upon arrival to class. 

♦ Electronics are prohibited in the classroom unless the teacher grants permission for a BYOT activity or assignment. Cell phones/electronic devices will be used for academic purposes.  

Violation of the Student Cell Phone and Electronic Devices Use Policy will result in the following:  

     a. 1st Offense: Warning to turn off device and store device. 

1. A school official will be called to escort the student to the office of an 

​2. A parent or guardian will be contacted (teacher/administration) and the cell phone will be confiscated until the end of the day and returned to the student. 

♦ If a student is found to be in violation of the cell phone policy and refuses to turn the device off and store it when asked by a school team member, the procedure and resulting consequences will be as follows: 


      b. 2nd Offense: Discipline referral and device confiscated and returned to 

      student, at the end of the day; after the dismissal bell. 


       c.  All subsequent Offenses: Discipline referral and parent must pick up 

       confiscated device from the office, this will also result in the possible loss of         cell phone privileges on the school campus/bus for the remainder of the               school year (The student will be required to turn in their device to                         administration upon arrival to school and returned after the dismissal bell).           If the student is found to be in possession of a device on campus during the         remainder of the school year, the device will be confiscated, until a parent           or guardian can pick up the device. 

♦ DeLand Middle School administration reserves the right to change this cell phone policy as it sees in order to maintain a safe and orderly educational environment. 

**Deland Middle School is not responsible for theft or damage to a student’s device.  Students are responsible for bringing their personal technology back and forth to school every day and taking the proper precautions to ensure device safety. 

Cell Phone Policy 

  • Students may not have their cell phones visible or in use once they arrive on campus until dismissal.  No use of cell phones in the classrooms, hallways, restrooms or at lunch.
  • Students who need to call home can do so from their grade level office phone.  Parents may call in and ask for the grade level office if they need to leave a message for their child or if they need to speak to their child.
  • Students must ensure that the telephone capabilities of their devices are turned off during the instructional day (i.e. ringer off, silent mode, cameras, videos etc.)
  • Students shall avoid classroom disruptions by not displaying, using, or activating the data access portion of their wireless device during the instructional day unless instructed to do so by the teacher and/or authorized school personnel under the Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) initiative.  This includes during class, in the Media Center, P.E. and any other instructional/structured activities (unless authorized by the teacher).

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